Alex Berry: Photo | Video

Photo: Alex Berry

Model: Chadwick Radaz

A music video I made for Seattle band “Night Cadet” 

My Demo Reel: A montage of projects that I’ve shot and edited. 

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Drag Becomes Him - Kickstarter Video (Please donate!) 

Anonymous asked: Evening, Alex. I work with Nancy Guppy on The Art Zone show in Seattle… TV / web that exists to promote the regional art and artists. Yesterday we filmed a short interview with Jerick Hoffer which will air on our program 12/13. We would love to use about 15 seconds from one Drag Becomes Her video in connection to Jerick talking about his career. If that is all right with you, we will credit you and the video and if you'd like, make sure we link to your site. Out of room!

Yeah, that would be cool! Thank you! Which episode would you like to use? You can email me at

Photo: Alex Berry

Photo: Alex Berry

Places at night ..

Photo: Alex Berry

A short teaser for a music video I’m making for Night Cadet!!

thefactoryreject asked: The music in DBH5 <3 absolutely perfect!

Thank you very much!! I’m glad you appreciate it :)